A Visit To Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih

On 9th June 2018, a half-day visit to Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih was held by MMSOS, and the chance gave for them to spend some time with the children over refreshments, and also hosting some entertainment programs for the children such as a charade and drawing.
The visit gave an opportunity to have an up-close understanding about the children’s needs. The time spent together was uplifting, and the token given were of assistance in providing some measure of comfort and improvement to the welfare of the children.

Top Students Awards

In conjunction of the recent Teachers day celebration, the Private Education Cooperative of Malaysia, held an award ceremony for students that are high achievers, in this event, the students received certificate and cash.

Majlis Berbuka Puasa Bersama Anak Yatim

In conjunction of the Holy month of Ramadhan, DYXY held a breaking fast event with the orphans. This blissful event took place in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. Amongst the tentative of the program was the donation given to charity homes and also chosen school.

Darah Untuk Barah Campaign Launching Event Greeted With Cheer

“Darah Untuk Barah” campaign spearheaded by Aria’s Initiative with the full support from CSR Malaysia

“One pint of donated blood could help save up to three people in-need.”

The above statement is the whole anchor to the “Darah Untuk Barah” campaign spearheaded by Aria’s Initiative with the full support from CSR Malaysia. Successfully launched on the 16th May 2018, the launching event was held in the delicately decorated Dewan Sri Pos, at the heart of POS Malaysia Headquarters.

Led by an engaging and light-feeling speech by Tengku Sofiya Ahmad, she said, “We all need to do our parts as Malaysians, as people, to help those needing our donations. You don’t need to be a superhero to save lives; you just need to donate blood and you can save a life.”

The launching event also hosted the start of many blood donating centres to-come in the lobby area of the POS Malaysia Headquarters, of which the participation from the staff and the visiting public was well-received.

Aria’s Initiative is a movement that aims to provide help with all that can be mustered. From helping cancer patients acquire all the blood that is needed to aiding those in the paediatrics wards, Aria’s Initiative strives in fulfilling the role of provider for those in-need.

Starbucks Malaysia’s ‘Green Outreach Program’


 Starbucks Malaysia recently celebrated its 8th Global Month of Service (GMoS) by expanding its ‘Green Outreach Program’ to the community in Perumahan Awam Rumah Panjang Ikan Emas, Cheras to start-up a sustainable Community Edible Garden with the hope of improving the livelihood of the Perumahan Awam Rumah Panjang Ikan Emas community.

Starbucks Malaysia partnered with EcoKnights, a non-profit environmental organization that champions sustainable living, and supports a community of film makers and environmentalists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision. A total fund of RM 15,000.00 was successfully raised through the sales of limited-edition Starbucks Reusable Cups, of which RM 1.00 from every purchase of the cup throughout the month of April was contributed to EcoKnights and their efforts in helping communities like this to build their own Edible Garden, and to operate green workshops for public.


Bank Rakyat Honors Autistic Individuals

The Anugerah Dari Hati Ke Hati was organized by Bank Rakyat for the first time in remembrance and honour of individuals, media, organisations and other parties who have wholly supported autistic individuals. The award was held during the World Autism Awareness Month and among the winners were Ahmad Zahiruddin Zailani (Icon of Autism), Mohd Syahmi Asyraff and Muhammad Farid Fakhruddin – Best Autistic Individual for age 13 to 18 years and 18 years and above categories respectively. Among the distinguished guests present at the event was Nizam Sani, Senior Vice-President (Marketing and Communications) of Bank Rakyat and Tan Sri Shukry Mohd Salleh, Chairman of Bank Rakyat.

EXIM Bank Celebrates Kids with Autism

Recently, EXIM Bank celebrated World Autism Awareness Day with a group of autistic children under the ‘Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi’ at Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Batu. As part of their CSR initiative, a new reflexology garden was constructed to assist these special children in their daily therapeutic activities. President/CEO of EXIM Bank Norzilah Mohammed was present to officiate the event. The ceremony also consisted of a mock cheque presentation amounting to RM10,000 for the maintenance of the school and a donation of books worth RM5,000 for the school library. “With the installation of this reflexology garden within the school compound, the school will carry out daily therapy exercises for these special children for 20 minutes to stimulate the headling and improve the wellbeing and vitality of these children,” said Norzilah. The day ended with the 240 children being treated to a scrumptious lunch by EXIM Bank’s management committee and teachers.