Sivan Raj, 8 years old

My dream is to become a policeman. I want to become a policeman so I can become a hero to people. It’s like Aamir Khan in the movie, 3 Iidiots, who is always so heroic to help his friends to solve their problems. I also want to become a policeman so that I can catch all the bad people.

Nur Shuhada, 14 years old

My dream is to become an actress. My role model is Amyra Rosli. I will continue to study hard and one day hope to enroll in an acting school to practice my acting skills and involve myself in various drama competitions.

Aida Fitriani, 13 years old

My dream is to become a doctor. I want to become a doctor because I want to save lives. I want to heal people’s illness so they can become well and happy. I will make sure I am qualified to enroll into science stream when I am in form 4 so that I can pave my way to fulfill my ambition as a doctor.

Siti Nur Aishah, 13 years old

My dream is to become a singer. I have always loved to sing. My role models are Siti Nurhaliza, Dayang Nurfaizah and Ning Baizura who always sing so many great songs on stage. I enjoy watching them singing and I always dream that one day I could sing on stage too.

Navaneshvaran, 13 years old

My dream is to become a doctor. I am inspired by Mother Teresa by seeing how she dedicated her life and profession in India to help the poor and needy.

I hope I can also use my medical knowledge to help those underprivileged in the future. In order for me to become a doctor, I need to study hard, especially to excel in my Science subjects.


We had a visit to Zoo Negara before, and it was my first-ever trip to the Zoo. I have not seen so many animals except on National Geographic. Given the chance, I would want to work in a zoo so that I can feed and take care of the animals.