Blue Life Ecoservices Bhd (Blue Life)

Info Blue Life EcoservicesBhd (Blue Life) works to increase the environmental, social and economical value of disadvantaged communities, by empowerment and the developing of sustainable community. Its programmes are carried out in coastal areas and on islands in the Asia Pacific area, with a focus on Sabah, Malaysia. Blue Life is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. All its activities are directed to establish sustainable projects, social enterprises, investments, advisory services and capacity building to support local communities. Any progress and impact delivered in the fields of ecotourism, eco-service and community development by Blue Life will influence positively the business environment for its partners and donors. Blue Life work is focused on three pillars, which are complementary connected Community development: for the improvement of livelihoods of coastal communities and business development, particular alternative incomes for fisheries, improvement of rural basic infrastructure needs. Community business partnerships will coordinate activities and ensure the participation of all community members. Eco-tourism: development of sustainable tourism which meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing social, environmental and economic opportunity for the future. Eco-services: conservation of biodiversity and environment in marine, coastal and rural landscapes and mitigative/ adaptive actions. Its target groups are people, particular youth, in affected, disadvantaged communities and towards employees in the tourism business and related other local businesses, particular in coastal areas and on tropical islands.
On-going projects
  1. Island Gardens Mantanani Island – Development of aquaponic for vegetable production and Social enterprise Joint venture
  2. Fishing For Litter Mantanani island – Development of a community social enterprise for beach cleaning (Clean Coast Rangers)
  3. NOW! No More Plastic in Our Waters , Kota Kinabalu – Remove and recycle of marine litter from tourism hotspots in the Kota Kinabalu area
Donations needed
  1. Gold and Silver Sponsorship programmes for companies (RM25k per annum)
  2. Island Gardens – Solar system needed 6 kwh (up to RM150k)
  3. Fishing for Litter – Mechanical beach cleaning machine, equipment , recycling station (up to RM150k)
Donation details Blue Life EcoservicesBhd
CIMB Kota Kinabalu
Account No. 800 565 6860
Contact person Fred Weirowski (Director)
Address 134 Jalan Gaya 8000 Kota Kinabalu
Telephone  012 455 9402

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