Lim Zheng Sheng

Zheng Sheng, 18 years old, has a non-aligned backbone spinal health problem. Due to this, a lymphatic node has developed on his back and has difficulty sitting or sleeping because of the strain. He is in need of surgery to rectify his health condition. Zheng Sheng is an orphan who has an aunt and a younger sister. He was admitted to Rumah Charis when he was 10 years old by his aunt after the death of his parents. His 2 year-old younger sister was adopted by another home.

Donation Details Rumah Charis (Affin Bank)
Account No. 1003 3000 9024

Contact Details

Koh Joo Fung
Lot 10064
Jalan Awan Pintal
Taman Yarl
58200 Kuala Lumpur

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