Empowering The Children

Clarins launched the Clarins We Care Charity Campaign to support Orang Asli education in collaboration with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, an award-winning humanitarian organisation dedicated to serve, educate and empower rural and urban communities across the country.

The collaboration with SOLS 24/7 is to develop a holistic learning programme to help the Orang Asli children in the SOLS-BMF Gombak Community Centre. This programme will benefit 25 to 30 children whoseages range from 7 to 12. The programme highlights the precision teaching that focuses on building fluency of basic scholastic skills. Precision teaching is effective with children struggling to acquire automatic skills in learning such as letter sounds, recognising whole words and spelling.

It is essential to initially work on the improvement of fundamental skills such as writing, mathematical and reading through fluency training as this will in return increase their adaptive and scholastic skills necessary to adapt in formal school environment and in the long-run improve their academic performance.

“We believe children need to be shaped from the tender young age to be who they can become in the future. Children are the building blocks for a better society and will be our future leaders, hence our dedication towards investing in their future through education. It is education that enables children to maximize their fullest potential. Therefore, every child should have equal opportunity to have access to education to be able to make informed decisions and to enjoy a better quality of life,” said Gillian Tyo, General Manager of Clarins Malaysia.

“Playing our part in society, we should be aware and be concerned about the needs of these children around us and look forward to giving the best we could back to them,” she added.

Clarins We Care Charity Campaign started its fund-raising on 15th October and ended on 31st December 2015 nationwide.   “We hope to raise at least RM60,000 from this fund-raising. By supporting this worthy cause, you will make a real, visible and immediate difference to the lives of children. Help make life brighter and better for our future generation,” Tyo said.

For further information, please contact:
Tel: 03-2141 4076  Fax: 03-2144 7847
Grace Ong (ext: 130) grace.ong@clarins.com
Jean Cheak (ext: 123) kaijien.cheak@clarins.com

Issue 6/2016

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