Global Environment Centre

The Global Environment Centre was established in 1998 to work on environmental issues of global importance. The Centre is registered in Malaysia as a non-profit organisation (Reg. no. 473058-T) but works regionally and internationally both directly and through many partners. It supports information exchange and capacity building as well as undertakes strategic projects particularly in developing countries.

Global Environment Centre aims to promote integrated management of biodiversity and water resources with a focus on community involvement and biodiversity conservation; to promote the protection and sustainable use of forests and wetlands with a focus on integrated management for biodiversity and climate change; and to enhance awareness, understanding and capacity as well as partnerships between different organisations and sectors to address environmental issues.

GEC – Forest Care Fund
The Global Environment Centre – Forest Care Fund helps support sustainable management and rehabilitation of forest, wetlands and peatlands to prevent peat land fires, haze and reduce in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, conserve biodiversity and mitigate climate change. The fund also helps kickstart long-term environmental projects with local communities.

Some crucial project areas in need of financial support include:

• Community-based Rehabilitation of North & SouthSelangor Peat Swamp Forest

• Community-based Fire Prevention Plan and Control  Management

• Mangrove Rehabilitation Programme in Kuala Gula and /or SabakBernam

• Coalition for Haze Free ASEAN including haze awareness and prevention

• Peatland Forest Ranger (PFR) Programme: Educating Today’s Student for a Sustainable Future

Donations made to the fund are tax-exempted.
Ask GEC about their Fundraising Packages. You can help protect the forest for a sustainable future.

Please register your interest by completing the online enquiry form. Tel: +603 7957 2007

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