SOLS 24/7 Malaysia

SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is an award-winning humanitarian organisation dedicated to serving, educating and empowering underserved communities throughout Malaysia. Through its many platforms and programmes, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia offers free English lessons and education in technology and solar energy plus a range of social empowerment initiatives. In the past 12 months they have successfully opened, resourced and managed 48 Community Centres across the country offering free English lessons, have expanded their successful SOLS Tech arm which supplies free computers and devices to rural and urban communities as well as increase their intake of students accepted into their Scholar Development Program. This has complimented the success of their Community Library project and the expansion of which acts as a networking platform for NGOs in Malaysia. It is believed their reach of influence extends to over 10,000 Malaysians each year.

On Going Projects:
• SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is home to Malaysia’s very first Solar Academy where they provide free, high quality technical training in solar panel maintenance and repair for underprivileged youth in Malaysia.

• SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is working with the Hong Leong Foundation on their Reach Out and Rise (ROAR) scholarship where they will house and train 23 vocational students with industry scholarships in Penang over the next two and a half years in addition to the 55 that are already in ROAR Kuala Lumpur.

• SOLS 24/7 Malaysia has partnered with European organisations on a European Union funded project where they aim to increase networking between NGOs in Europe and Asia by establishing volunteer exchange programmes and the mutual sharing of knowledge on recruitment and funding.

How You Can Help:
SOLS 24/7 Malaysia offers a range of volunteering and internship opportunities all around Malaysia that aims to bring free education, basic IT, character development and social services to underserved communities throughout the country. For further enquiries and to apply, please go to OR send an email to

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