A Promise Kept: Eco World Foundation’s New Roads for Kampung Sri Sentosa

Even when it rainsthe spirits of the villagers at flood-prone Kampung Sri Sentosa in Ijok Selangor remain high now that they have new and proper access roads into the village thanks to the Eco World Foundation.

Eco World Foundation rendered assistance to Kampung Sri Sentosa when the village was badly hit by the floods not long ago. A team of volunteers visited the village and helped with cleaning as well as repairs of the road.

Chairman of Eco World Foundation, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, handed over mattresses and basic necessities to 10 families when he visited the village shortly after the incident. Lee also promised the villagers that the Foundation would look into upgrading the road accessing the village.

After several visit by technical staff from Eco World Foundation Volunteers Club, a plan was drawn up and upgrading works commenced.

“I am just so happy!” Those were the first words uttered by 65-year-old Misnah Jani who added that for the last 15 years, there was no proper road into the kampong. “It is fantastic.”

“Before this, whenever my son wanted to come home to visit us, he used to call first to ask if the road situation had improved as it was difficult for him to drive in. Usually he had to walk all the way in. Now he is extremely pleased that there is a proper road for access to the village,”  she added.IMG_4463

Misnah is not the only villager thankful for the Foundation’s assistance. 70-year-old Ahmad Aliysin said that he was happy and relieved. “Even if the water rises now, the road does not turn muddy. We live in a low-lying area and when there’s a flood it is difficult to get out of the kampong.  I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve fallen down,” he shared.

Asmidar Asmir, 44 is another grateful villager who was at loss for words. “Now, when it rains heavily, water can be discharged fast. We are blessed to have the Foundation coming to our aid in such a short time.”IMG_4480

The villagers aren’t the only ones happy. Eco World Foundation Volunteers Club and the big man, Lee, are also among those who are delighted that the project was a success. Lee said, “Despite the challenging weather, members of the Eco World Foundation Volunteers Club worked hard to complete the project. The Foundation is pleased to share that we have fulfilled our promise to the villagers.”


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