Furry Friends Farm

Furry Friends Farm (FFF) was established in 2006 by its late founder, Sabrina Yeap, who died a sudden death in July 2012. It is located on a 2-acre piece of land in Kundang.

The new team took over after Sabrina’s passing, and registered FFF as a society. Currently, the registered NGO runs a haven and sanctuary for 500 animals – dogs, cats, a goat name Rajoo (who thinks he’s a dog) chickens and rabbits.

FFF’s mission is to spread love, kindness and compassion to all animals, not just to dogs and cats only. What makes FFF unique is that it is a humane sanctuary. It does not kill any animals -and that goes for every living creature within the perimeter of the sanctuary.

What we do

To cover its RM40K monthly expenses, FFF runs many campaigns:

  • Food Bank Campaign – where public can donate RM120 for a bag of Kibbles. In total, FFF requires 120 bags monthly.
  • Sponsor a fur kid at RM60 monthly – There are 500 dogs and cats which the public can choose from or they can let FFF choose for them.

FFF also does fundraising at malls, organise events and activities in its efforts to make ends meet.

The sanctuary also needs to undergo some renovations soon as it is old. It hopes to continue to educate children and corporations alike on the value and importance of having compassion for animals.

How you can help

The public can help by participating in FFF’s campaigns and by giving donations (banking details below)

The public, clubs and companies are also welcome to volunteer or help FFF in fundraising by organising events such as bake sales, jumble sales, garage sales, charity car wash etc.

FFF is always in need of consumables and necessities such as canned food for dogs and cats and other necessities such as supplements, medicated shampoos, front line sprays etc. Get in touch today and help the fur kids!

Contact Details

Farm Matters: Georgie (016-3793478)

PR, Fundraising, Communications: Myza (016-3717692)

Donation Details: Public Bank Berhad 317 884 2626 (Furry Friends Farm).

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