Volunteer Needed – National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF)

From their humble beginnings when they first registered in the year 1969, National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) strives to raise the standards of care they provide to patients with kidney failure and those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases. In 1993, NKF opened the doors of first dialysis centre at Jalan Hang Lekiu, Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, NKF has grown tremendously with the support from many parties. NKF has expanded its role from just being a dialysis treatment provider, to becoming a one-stop national resource centre for all kidney-related matters.

NKF Malaysia welcomes any volunteer to join and support them at NKF Malaysia office in terms of administration, bulk mailing insertion, charity booths at various locations and etc.

You may fill up the Volunteer Form at www.nkf.org.my, or contact them by email fundraising@nkf.org.my or call 03-7954 9048.

Position Type Volunteer
Minimum Qualification: Undergraduate
Duration: July 17, 2015 – December 31, 2016

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