Bangsa Ria Day-Care Centre


Bangsa Ria is a day-care centre for the special-needs community, that welcomes all, regardless of race, creed or age. It is run by Persatuan Orang Kurang Upaya Bangsa Ria KL & Sel (Per OKU Bangsa Ria). The centre is open on weekdays from 8.30 a.m. and closes when the last child leaves by 5.30 p.m. The children are aged from 6 years to 46 years.

Most of the 10 children at Bangsa Ria will not be able to fit into any of the many centres that do not specialise in special needs. For instance, only one speaks with some degree of proficiency. Two others can be understood (they are improving every day!). The rest are unable to speak, get dressed, use the toilet, and eat without help and so on. They are almost entirely dependent on others to take care of their needs. Even the three mentioned above who can communicate need to be closely supervised.

How They Sustain

Almost every year, Bangsa Ria organizes a jumble sale at its Centre. In addition, it takes part in the annual Austrian-German-Swiss (AGS) Christmas Bazaar selling items made by generous contributors.

Bangsa Ria collects a monthly contribution of RM400 per child, and the children are provided with breakfast, lunch and tea.  Some RM10,000 is needed to cover the monthly expenditure.


How You Can Help

The parents’ monthly contribution of RM400 for each child is just not sufficient to make ends meet.  Bangsa Ria cannot raise fees too much as the parents are either retired people or working parents with other children to feed, clothe and educate.


The Centre is in need of:

  • a permanent place of its own to house the children
  • a benefactor to take care of the balance of the monthly expenditure amounts that it cannot cover
  • a caring corporate foundation to take over the running of the Centre as the parents would not be around to see to the children’s welfare eventually

Bangsa Ria hereby appeals for help from the public and corporations for the sake of the children. Get in touch today and lend a helping hand.


Contact Details

Address: 584, Jalan 17/17, Seksyen 47, 46400 Petaling Jaya

Phone: 03-7960 0560



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