New Life Community Center (NLCC)

Although it’s considerable wealth and well-developed in Kuala Lumpur, sad to say that there is still a lot of shortages and hence the NEW LIFE COMMUNITY CENTER (NLCC) has established. This “Community Centre” will provide services for people from diverse races and religion background.

The Community Centre will look into the needs of the community in five areas, which are vital to the daily lives and help will be rendered to those in need.  The areas are:

EDUCATIONAL: Assistances will be given to those who are not capable to pay their tuition fees, not doing well in their studies or not affordable for books and equipment.  Besides, motivational talks, educational consultation and other mentoring sessions will be given to those who are in need.

MEDICAL: Medical related assistances will be given to those who are in need of medical expenses subsidiary, free medical consultation through designated clinics.  Besides, talks with regards to health issue, healthy living and personal hygiene will be held occasionally in order to broaden communities’ awareness to healthy issue.

SOCIAL:  Assistances will be provided in terms of shelter, food, clothing and et cetera to poor, orphans, widows, single mothers and person who are in need of assistance.

ENTREPRENEURIAL: Assistances will be given to those who are seeking for job employment, training for specific skills and business start-up consultations.

INTERPERSONAL: Effort in bringing the community together through community projects like  ”gotong royong”,  sport activities and fund raising event.

Empowering Through Cutting Edge Education

Vision Statement

The education arm of New Life Community Centre (NLCC) was established in July 2011 with a vision to educate and empower underprivileged children through cutting edge education. The gap that was very quickly identified to fulfil this aim was a need for a strong and robust focus on the core problem – literacy!

NLCC strives to minimise/stop a revolving door effect where input and learning is not lost back out to the challenges of the environment and socio-economic conditions of the communities we engage with. This is facilitated by a strong message to shift the ownership back to community stakeholders.

With literacy classes running for pre-schoolers, young learners and young adults, our lesson plans include using a synthetic approach to teaching phonics, a syllabus that focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and cross-curricular educational activities.

Our teachers are all volunteers who carry a passion to nurture and impart knowledge. Their dedication is the driving force behind the success of NLCC.

How are we different?

  • NLCC aims to have high visibility, maximum impact in community literacy building and bridging gaps.
  • Teaching by example.
  • Staff are trained to impart as opposed to instruct, empower as opposed to overpower.
  • Our resource investments will focus on bringing cutting edge tools into the learning process.
  • Constant monitoring and evaluation to check progress.

In order to carry out said initiatives, a TEAM called CAT (Community Action Team) has been formed.  CAT invites person who is interest in to join them and together, help the community.

Contact Person:       Sheila Wright
Address:                    18-2-9, Jalan Sri Jati 1
Taman Sri Jati, Off Old Klang Road
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number:     +6012 359 7017

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