A Sincere Gift from Alliance Bank

Not long ago, Alliance Bank paid a visit to Yayasan Sunbeam Homes, spending time with the children and donating RM15,000 worth of groceries, books, toys and stationeries. Raymond Wong, Alliance Bank’s Group Chief Financial Officer stated that “The Bank’s spirit of employee volunteerism and giving lies in the belief that it is fundamentally our responsibility to give back to the community in which we work, play and live.

“Our employees do not just help children learn about financial literacy. They also work together to clean the homes they visit in the spirit of gotong-royong, organise games for the children (with presents!), and raise funds to buy provisions that the homes need.”

“Perhaps, the most invaluable gift during these visits is making the time to sit and listen to the children when they (the children) talk about their hopes and dreams.”

The Yayasan Sunbeams Home had volunteers from Alliance Bank organise activities for children of two age groups. For children aged four to nine, they had printed colouring activity sheets based on financial literacy syllabus and were encouraged to be creative with submissions, with the assistance of the volunteers. The other group which had children aged ten to twelve, were taught lessons on smart financial habits. The teenagers also had fun with games and quizzes on financial literacy.

Raymond Wong made a short speech and thanked the Home’s administrators for giving Alliance bankers the opportunity to be there for the children, and to the volunteers for taking their valuable time off to spend with the children. He also thanked the children for the high energy and warm welcome. The children also received goodie bags, given by Wong. The visit ended with tea and refreshment.

The visit, arranged by the Bank’s Corporate Responsibility & Event Management team, is one of the home visits that the Bank organises under the main programme of ‘Giving with a Willing Heart’. The objective is to promote financial literacy to children and encourage employee volunteerism.

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