Heineken Malaysia Collaborates With Local Brand to Encourage Responsible Drinking

Heineken Malaysia recently teamed-up with local clothing and lifestyle brand Pestle & Mortar to produce a limited edition collection of DrinkSensibly (DS) tees in the company’s continuing effort to promote a culture of responsible drinking.


This four-piece collection is an extension of the company’s CSR initiative DrinkSensibly (DS) -and feature typography-led designs of DS Ttips. Slogans like “Dance More, Drink Slow”, “Superheroes Cab It”, “Less is More — Know Your Limit” and “Feed Me More” serve to creatively reinforce good drinking habits that are moderate and responsible in a light hearted manner.

The company wanted to stress the importance of responsible drinking in a creative way that connects with adults of legal drinking age. The collaboration with Pestle & Mortar served as a great vehicle for them to get the message out to the target audience in a fresh and engaging manner while encouraging them to be Drink Sensibly advocates.

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