Improving Lives – A Schneider’s CSR Initiative

Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation recently collaborated with EPIC homes and Global Peace Foundation (GPF) to install the Solar Water Pumping System (SWPS) for the villagers of Kampung Binjai, Bandar Muadzam Shah in Pahang. This initiative is a CSR program by Schneider Electric Malaysia that is in line with Schneider Electric’s “Light it Up”, a regional CSR program to bring access to electricity to rural communities across the Asia Pacific region.

More than one hundred households in Kampung Binjai will now benefit from this new water supply system. Prior to the installation of SWPS, Kampung Binjai villagers, majority of them being Orang Asli, survived on two water sources for daily use – ground water and rain water (which is used for drinking) and a nearby stagnant pond that is used by the villagers for bathing and laundry. However, the water in the pond is increasingly getting contaminated due to logging and mining activities in the area. Powered by solar energy, SWPS is a simple yet innovative way to filter and pump safe and clean water. The system is designed to pump water from an existing well into a filtration system which is then directed into a water storage tank that is accessible to the villagers of Kampung Binjai.

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