Media Prima’s Bonding With The Community

Visitors to Masjid Baru Daerah Temerloh, Pahang were treated to a ‘meet and greet’ session with local artists of Malaysia in Media Prima’s recent Jom Masjid event which was part of its Terima Kasih campaign. The event welcomed almost 300 fans and kicked off early at 9 in the morning. Besides connecting the artists with their fans, this event also provided them with the opportunity to participate in an Al-Quran reciting session along with sharing Islamic knowledge with one another. Some of the artists present at the event included Terima Kasih ambassadors Elfira Loy, Redza Rosli, Faizal Tahir, Aizat Amdan, Zainal Ariffin, Fiza Sabjaham and Fakhrul Radhi Khamaruddin. Cash donations were also given out toorphans and the day ended with a supper session after terawih prayers.

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