The Agathians Shelter

The Agathians Shelter was founded by the late Siva Balan in 2003 in an attempt to rescue 8 boys from an illegal orphanage closed down. Now, the shelter is a sanctuary for 30 boys. They are either orphans, abandoned or from broken families and are between the ages of 4 and 18 years old. Agathians Shelter is a legally registered welfare home under Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia and it’s a tax exempted organisation. In the shelter ran by volunteers, the children get the essentials basic needs such as a place to live, food and education. Their educational needs are also met even though they have missed some years of schooling. In addition, the children have talents and are interested in curriculum activities such as music, arts, dance, sports and information technologies. The boys are being equipped with skills and hobbies as to develop a positive mind-set in their life. The skill set is important for them to discover their talents and help them reach their highest potential. The shelter also organizes activities to showcase the shelter, update sponsors on the development of the boys as well as to recruit new sponsors. During these activities, the boys will entertain the audience with their talented performances, and most importantly, have a good time themselves.

For enquiries, please contact us at 03-7954 1680 or

Find them at No. 22, Jalan Kelah 8/6, , Seksyen 8,Petaling Jaya, , 46050, Selangor, Malaysia

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