Timberland Malaysia Realizing the Importance of Saving Mother Nature

In 1992, Timberland promised to serve its communities around the world and give back to Mother Earth. Led by Timberland Global Stewards, this year’s Path of Service Program aims to encourage both employees and consumers to connect and serve their communities.

“At Timberland, service is a way of life. We’ve done a lot in 25 years, and we’re just getting started,” said Jim Pisani, global brand president for Timberland. “Through the service events and activities this season, we will not only add value to communities around the world but also provide meaningful leadership and development opportunities for our employees, while building stronger relationships with our business and community partners.”

  Timberland Malaysia Realizing the Importance of Saving Mother Nature

Timberland encourages its employees to do more for the community by ensuring they are able to take the necessary time out of their busy work schedule to do so. In line with the Path of Service Program, Timberland employees are given up to 40 hours of paid time to engage in volunteer activities throughout the year. This includes both company-sponsored events, and individual platforms that they are passionate about. This year, Serv-a-palooza Malaysia was kicked off with a Tree Planting Project hosted at Tugu Negara.

Urban Greening is an activity held close to the brand’s heart as it is in line with the brand’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint globally.  Known as the “Annual Serv-a-palooza Tree Relocation Day”, this year’s activity centered on the rescuing and relocation of marked trees so that they may continue to be nurtured under the care of the Malaysian Nature Society’s Nursery.

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