Darah Untuk Barah Campaign Launching Event Greeted With Cheer

“One pint of donated blood could help save up to three people in-need.”

The above statement is the whole anchor to the “Darah Untuk Barah” campaign spearheaded by Aria’s Initiative with the full support from CSR Malaysia. Successfully launched on the 16th May 2018, the launching event was held in the delicately decorated Dewan Sri Pos, at the heart of POS Malaysia Headquarters.

Led by an engaging and light-feeling speech by Tengku Sofiya Ahmad, she said, “We all need to do our parts as Malaysians, as people, to help those needing our donations. You don’t need to be a superhero to save lives; you just need to donate blood and you can save a life.”

The launching event also hosted the start of many blood donating centres to-come in the lobby area of the POS Malaysia Headquarters, of which the participation from the staff and the visiting public was well-received.

Aria’s Initiative is a movement that aims to provide help with all that can be mustered. From helping cancer patients acquire all the blood that is needed to aiding those in the paediatrics wards, Aria’s Initiative strives in fulfilling the role of provider for those in-need.

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