Techkem Group Celebrates Hari Raya-Gawai with Residents of Rumah Renang, Sarawak

In conjunction with the Hari Raya-Gawai 2019 festive season, Techkem Group has sponsored and organized a CSR program at Rumah Renang, Sarawak to celebrate the occasion with the residents. The Balingian state assemblyman YB Abdul Yakub Bin Haji Arbi was invited as the guest of honor during the event. Almost 60 people were present during the event including the Operations Director of Techkem Group, Dr. Chew Chun Ming and chief of the longhouse, Renang Ak Nayor. Contributions from Techkem Group were presented to the residents during the program.

Contributions presented to Rumah Renang. (From left) Dr. Chew, YB Abdul Yakub and Renang Ak Nayor

Contributions presented to Rumah Renang. (From left) Dr. Chew, YB Abdul Yakub, and Renang Ak Nayor

Residents of Rumah Renang longhouse at Balingian, Sarawak has been living without electricity from the national grid and clean piped water supply for decades due to its isolated location. In March 2018 with the support from YB Abdul Yakub, Techkem Group has initiated a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project for the longhouse residents. Led by Dr. Chew the Renewable Energy Water Refine Technology (REWART) system has been successfully installed at the site to provide clean drinking water and electricity supply by harnessing solar energy. Through this CSR project, the residents of Rumah Renang are now able to enjoy clean water from the tap and electricity generated from solar photovoltaic panels to light up their longhouse at night.

The REWART system installed at Rumah Renang, Sarawak

The REWART system installed at Rumah Renang, Sarawak

Renang has expressed his gratitude to Techkem Group for the generous donation. This project has received technical support from F Cubed, Australia which manufactures the Carocell distillation unit solar panels. On March 2019, Techkem Group celebrated the 1st year anniversary of this CSR project at Rumah Renang. The group represented by Dr. Chew has presented a token of appreciation to Mr. Renang for taking good care of the REWART system.

Dr. Chew (left) presenting a token of appreciation to the chief of the longhouse, Mr. Renang

Techkem Group hopes that such contributions could alleviate some of the hardship endured by these underprivileged residents of Rumah Renang living under conditions lacking behind in facilities. Techkem Group shall continue to maintain and look after the REWART system for the welfare of the residents.

Residents of Rumah Renang with Techkem Group during the Hari Raya-Gawai celebration

About Techkem Group

Techkem Group is a homegrown utility engineering (water and electricity) firm established since 2002. Currently, with operational offices in Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak, the group is committed to realizing the sustainable development goal number 6 (clean water) and number 7 (clean energy) proposed by the United Nations General Assembly. Techkem Group has consistently implemented various CSR projects in the past to supply water treatment systems at disaster-hit and remote areas in Malaysia. The group has pledged to provide assistance and reach out to more underprivileged people with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions through CSR projects in the future. For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Chew Chun Ming through e-mail at or visit

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