SWIFT KL CSR 2019 Activities

SWIFT KL’s EPIC Homes Build

The SWIFT CSR committee in KL embarked on a journey to organise a large undertaking: an EPIC Homes Build. EPIC Homes has been building homes for indigenous underprivileged families (orang asli) since 2010, sometimes sponsored by individuals, but mostly by corporates looking to make an impact on society. CSR KL got in touch with them and thus began the journey to plan their own EPIC Homes Build, titled “SWIFTEPIC!”.  30 staff members spent 4 days of intensive work (a day’s workshop and 3 days’ actual build on site) and successfully built a house in Kampung Sungai Lalang for an indigenous family. The house consists of a foyer, a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and one ceiling storage area.

Participants were split into four teams tasked with constructing different parts of the house: structure, floor, wall and roof. Each team was led by a specialist from EPIC Homes, and the entire party led by a master builder and their apprentice. With the basic structure of the house up, construction could get in full swing. All teams, guided by their specialists, worked at a feverish pace to complete their tasks.

It rained heavily in the night, making the entire build site muddy. This added to the challenge of construction, as many materials were wet and the ground not entirely conducive for building. However, participants took the challenge in their stride and pushed forwards with no complaints.

In the end, the team was able to complete the house several hours ahead of time. With all tasks finished, they proudly handed the house over to the home owner.

All participants were hands on, and put in tremendous effort to complete the 4-roomed, 400 sqft house on time.

SWIFTEPIC! has been an incredible journey. What started as an idea to build a home for a family turned into a long journey, from planning to completion, and culminated in great success. Beyond building a home for and alongside a family, they established relationships with the local indigenous population, befriended their children, and gave them a home address which ensures that they are entitled to all the benefits of a Malaysian citizen.

SWIFT KL’s Zoo Negara Volunteering

A group of 40+ volunteers from the SWIFT KL office helped repaint the national zoo of Malaysia / Zoo Negara. With the guidance of the zoo attendants, the SWIFT volunteers spent their weekend putting their creativity into action. They gave the zoo a fresh coat of paint, beautifying various compounds as well as the amphitheatre where the main animal show was held.

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