Scaling Impact-Driven Initiatives through Smart Partnerships

EcoKnights set sail in to the sustainability route back in 2005 with a strong focus on community-based education programs on sustainable living. Today, the organization is gaining recognition orchestrating strategic engagements across stakeholders including private businesses, government agencies, local communities and education institutes.

Over the years, the local not-for-profit organization has won numerous accolades for its impact-driven initiatives with corporates, especially for its professional consultation services that give emphasis on business innovations and employee volunteerism, crafting impact-driven social and environmental efforts.

“Our brand value and presence have grown due to the high demand of our social responsibility programs. We see partnerships with the private sector as an important driver of change within the environmental and social development aspects. They can provide manpower, financial support, encourage employee engagement, be a positive influencer while simultaneously, support the scale up of the impacts made by organizations like us,” said Yasmin Rasyid, Founder and President of EcoKnights.

In 2018, 13 CSR programs were conducted by EcoKnights, with 11 corporate partners, benefiting 4,545 people. They delivered 31 sustainability-driven activities to communities and the environment, with at least 575 volunteering employees.


“We are committed to provide end-to-end CSR or sustainability solutions (consultancy, planning and development, monitoring, and reporting), led by young professional team members from various academic backgrounds, passionate in delivering sustainability agendas. Our focus is to create brand awareness and mainstream these agendas to the public eye through strong media relations, strategic brand associations with corporate partners that inherently lead to stronger environmental values and bigger impact for the country,” added Fadly Bakhtiar, Programme Director of EcoKnights.

If your organization is keen to partner with EcoKnights, visit their website at or email to

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