Enhancing Sleep for Children in Need

In Malaysia, there are over 60,000 children living in child care institutions. Many young boys and girls have been living in orphanages or shelters homes for as long as they can remember, and life for them hasn’t always been easy. Getha continues its social aid through various initiatives with the donation of 75 mattresses to three shelter homes.

These homes for children are important because they give neglected children a new life full of hope and brighter futures. Children are provided with a home, meals, education, and most importantly the support needed to grow as an individual. Many still have families but end up at the homes, likely due to ill treatment or abandonment.

Rainbow Home

Child development is important, as children are the future builders of our planet, and it is important to Getha to assist where possible and improve their livelihood through better sleep quality. Having a well-rested night is proven to improve both physical and mental development. Sleep makes children stronger, and more resistant to falling ill. It also increases their attention span and generally improves their mood. In the long run, if children achieve the desirable amount of sleep every night, there is a lower risk of developing mental illnesses and health problems.

Children in shelter homes need a fulfilling sleep at night to enhance their learning and self-improvement. Many of these children face self-esteem issues and other problems that can be tackled efficiently with a restful night. We believe a little extra comfort will go a long way!

Getha’s delivery team visited three homes. The first destination was Rainbow Home, a multi-racial home determined to provide these scarred children with love and hope. This shelter home takes care of 26 less fortunate children from the age of 3 to 18 years. Like all shelters, at the age of 18, children are then guided into a new life outside of the shelter. Getha donated 30 mattresses to this shelter, in hopes to make their sleep routine much more comfortable.

Shepherds Centre Foundation

Next, Getha stopped at Shelter Home for Children. This organisation was created to rescue and protect children from traumatic families or situations, and nurture them into smart, brave members of society. Shelter Home houses boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old. Children above 12 years old move on to one of the other shelter homes. Getha sent 20 mattresses to this Shelter for the continuous nurture and growth of these young children.

The last shelter Getha visited is Shepherds Centre Foundation. The team at this home is helping rejected individuals gain self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Getha donates 25 mattresses to non-school going boys from the age of 13 to 16 years old, who are in a vocational course to learn useful skills for future jobs, such as fishing, basic wiring, and about automobiles. This shelter cultivates these young boys to have valuable skills, while allowing them to explore what they like, and uncover hidden talents!

Getha has made other contributions to society, such as sponsoring  orangutans in Zoo Negara, donating 1,000 pairs of black school shoes to children and providing help in a soup kitchen. The aim with all of these activities is to benefit the wellbeing of the environment and society for a sustainable future for everyone.

Shelter Home for Children

Getha’s contribution to Malaysia’s society is driven by the significant evidence that sleep provides numerous benefits to everyone. As a mattress company, it is able to provide the adequate comfort needed to these children to obtain a high quality of sleep, which is needed for development and refreshment for the next day. It is important that there are minor improvements made constantly, to ensure all these children will flourish and thrive, and it is society’s responsibility to see it through.

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