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Life Enabling Centre is proud to announce the launching of, a website that is specially devoted towards connecting people with disabilities (PWDs) to the community.

There are approximately a total of 487,904 registered PWDs at the Department of Social Welfare, Malaysia while only 0.6% from this group are employed. Hence, there are urgent needs to provide to the PWD in terms of job opportunity, fight poverty, promote human rights and sustainable solution to challenges.

Life Enabling Centre or better known as LEC is a non-for-profit, charitable organization which aims to reach out to people with disabilities (PWD) and connect them back to our society. Founded by Dr. KY Lim, the founder and CEO of KYY Home, and Mr. Benny Khor, LEC serves as the transformation platform that enables the disabled by connecting PWDs to the world and empowering them to unleash and prove their abilities thus transforming them to achieve unlimited success in life through life enabling development. Its objectives are to provide job opportunities and skills development to PWDs, improve life quality of PWDs and lastly, to raise the awareness and deepen understanding of the community on the rights and potentials of PWDs. This is the community’s one-stop solution centre that provides friendly and added-value services to PWDs. Its 3 main services include LEC website, job twinning and skills academy.

LEC website ( is an online platform that provides and updates detailed vacancies of our collaborating partners and companies. This is to empower our PWD friends by creating job opportunities so that they can build a career for themselves and able to live independently in the society. The website offers convenience to them to search for suitable and appropriate job and submit their resume online without having to go through much hassle. PWDs can also request to have the new vacancy alert sent to their personal email address daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Should PWDs have interest to any of the vacancy, they can register with them with just a click on the ‘Job Application’ tab. It will facilitate by helping to filter and match them to the job vacancy which is most suitable based on their ability and skills.

It is looking for companies, organisations, institutions and non-governmental bodies that are interested to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives by building an inclusive platform and environment for PWDs to unleash their talent and realise their full potentials. As it believes that each and every one possesses talent and ability that are unique to oneself, our PWD friends are also able to fend for themselves and accomplish achievements in their life. All they need is just the chance to prove their capabilities and to be better. Let’s contribute to building an inclusive community by providing the disabled the equal employment opportunity to enable and transform them for a better future. PWDs who wish to improve themselves for better living quality and better future are encouraged to contact and register with them.

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