Great Eastern Life Children Care Organised Raya Baking Workshop for Underprivileged Children

Through its corporate social responsibility initiative, ChildrenCare, Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad (GELM) continued the spirit of Syawal by organising a baking class, termed the ‘Sunny Lebaran Baking Workshop’, for almost 40 underprivileged children from Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Pusat Jagaan Pertubuhan Pendidikan Anak-Anak Yatim Selangor (Rumah Bakti), and Pusat Jagaan Nuri. Aligned with the Personal Development pillar of ChildrenCare, the two-hour programme aimed at encouraging the children to explore their artistic and culinary talents through the proper craft and techniques of cookie-baking. Incorporating a mini baking competition as part of the programme, the kitchen was filled with laughter and cheer as the children, aged 10 to 17, demonstrated their creativity and camaraderie. They were then treated to a wholesome Raya buffet lunch and to conclude the programme, GELM made sure they did not return home empty-handed with each kid receiving a Raya giftbag. To further the Raya cheer, GELM also made a donation of gift vouchers worth RM12,500 to five other homes registered under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

KDYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong visits RHB Art with Heart 2019 exhibition at BSC

Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah accompanied by her daughter, Tengku Puteri Jihan Azizah ‘Athiyatullah visited RHB Art With Heart Exhibition at Bangsar Shopping Centre today. The exhibition tour was led by Dato’ Khairussaleh Ramli, Group Managing Director of RHB Banking Group. Themed “Diversity & Inclusivity”, AWH 2019 provides local artists with a platform to showcase their works. The exhibition underlines RHB’s commitment towards nurturing talents in Malaysia’s art scene. Three paintings by Tengku Puteri Jihan Azizah ‘Athiyatullah were also featured.

FedEx Malaysia’s Great Support for Urban Poor Communities

FedEx volunteers join the Food Aid Foundation at Enggang Apartment which aimed to help the Enggang community and two other locations embrace urban farming

As part of its commitment to help foster community empowerment, more than 200 FedEx Express team members participated in two separate FedEx Cares activities in Malaysia recently. The initiatives were held in collaboration with the Food Aid Foundation and INTI International University & Colleges to help address the issues of food security in the underprivileged community at Enggang Apartment in Puchong and education inequality, respectively.

Woon Tien Long, Senior Manager, Operations, FedEx Express (fourth from left) briefs Finance Minister, Yang Berhormat Tuan Lim Guan Eng (fifth from left) on the urban farm initiative as part of the FedEx Cares program

FedEx collaborated with Food Aid Foundation to help cultivate urban farms for the underserved community at Enggang Apartment in Puchong. The programme aims at equippping residents with the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to initiate sustainable food production, therefore easing both their financial and food security problems. Similar urban farm initiatives were also started in two other locations – at the Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang in Penang and Rumah Warga Emas Nur Ehsan in Johor Bahru, for a total of 1,800 sq. ft. of allocated land.

FedEx Cares team (in purple), together with the Food Aid Foundation (in yellow) at the urban farm plot in Penang

The volunteers participated in the urban farming initiative by setting up farming plots. Together with Food Aid Foundation and the community, FedEx volunteers cleared the allocated areas, built raised garden beds and ponds, greenhouses as well as assembled vertical farming platforms. In addition, FedEx also provided financial support for the purchase of crop supplies, such as seeds, soil, nutri-pots, garden beds, equipment and groceries. FedEx and Food Aid Foundation will also be working with the State Agriculture Department to select suitable crops for the targeted communities.

FedEx and INTI volunteers hold a series of workshops over two months at Enggang Apartment to cultivate a habit of learning among children

As part of FedEx Cares, FedEx also collaborated with INTI to provide educational lessons for children at Enggang Apartment over a two-month period. The collaboration with INTI  saw engaging sessions with children, which included lessons in Bahasa Malaysia, English and mathematics as well as various outdoor activities and games to promote soft skills such as teamwork and verbal communication.

CSR Malaysia Fosters the Ramadan Spirit

CSR Malaysia recently visited the orphanages Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah, Rumah Perlindungan Nur Hati and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim dan Asnaf Qaseh Ibu. Donations were made to these welfare homes. The visit aimed at raising awareness at the plight of disadvantaged children and to foster goodwill in the spirit of Ramadhan.

CSR Malaysia Visits Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah

CSR Malaysia encourages corporations to contribute to these homes. Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah takes care of orphans, single mothers and those in trouble from disasters. Rumah Perlindungan Nur Hati shelters babies, kids, single mothers and the elderly. Other than financial contributions, they are currently accepting items of basic necessities for the occupants of the home.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim dan Asnaf Qaseh Ibu gives shelter to underprivileged children, single mothers and the poor.

CSR Malaysia Visits Rumah Perlindungan Nur Hati


Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim dan Asnaf Qaseh Ibu


Kiwanis collaborated with MBO Cinemas for Mega Movie Treat 3.0 at MBO Cinemas nationwide whereby they offer a special movie treat for underprivileged children. The program was kick-started since 2017 and over 3,000 children attended this special screening.

YB Ms Lim Yi Wei with all the sponsors

YB Ms Lim Yi Wei with all the sponsors

This special screening is generally the latest animation movies of the year suitable for children aged between 6 to 16 years old. This year’s screening was the movie “Dumbo” and was officiated by YB Lim Yi Wei at MBO Atria Shopping Gallery.

(from left) YB Lim Yi Wei with MBO Sales and Marketing GM Ms Jamie Tiong

(from left) YB Lim Yi Wei with MBO Sales and Marketing GM Ms Jamie Tiong

Screening is done simultaneously in all MBO Cinemas nationwide on the same day and time.

(from left) YB Lim Yi Wei with MBO PR & Branding Mr Suthan Tangabello

(from left) YB Lim Yi Wei with MBO PR & Branding Mr Suthan Tangabello


SPARK Foundation strengthens its commitment towards protecting water resources through its recent reforestation effort to preserve the peat swamp forest reserve in Raja Musa in Batang Berjuntai, Selangor.

As part of SPARK Foundation’s 2nd year Water Stewardship Agenda 2018-2020, the Foundation will be supporting the Global Environment Centre (GEC) in its work with the Selangor Forestry Department. This will involve two high-impact initiatives at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve: to reforest one hectare of degraded peatland; and to construct a 300-meter clay dyke. These measures are expected to help store up to 200 million litres of water annually.

Dato’ Haji Dr. Mohd Puat B. Dahalan, the Director of the Selangor State Forestry Department, was on-site to share the importance of preserving peat swamp forests. He said, “The Raja Musa peat swamp forest functions as a water storage and supply for the surrounding communities, in addition to biodiversity conservation area and source of livelihood for communities living nearby. At its optimal condition, the peat swamp forest retains heavy rainfall and gradually releases water during the dry season. However, the function is lost when the land is degraded due to weather conditions and forest fire. Protection and rehabilitation of peatland will sustain our water supply in the long run, besides functioning as efficient carbon storage to regulate earth temperature. Reforesting one hectare of peatland offsets 2,000 tonnes of soil carbon, which is equivalent to the annual emissions from 1,400 cars.

(2nd from left) Renuka Indrarajah, Trustee of SPARK Foundation along with Mr. Faizal Parish, Director of GEC; Dato' Haji Dr. Mohd Puat B. Dahalan, Director of the Selangor State Forestry Department; Roland Bala, Managing Director, Principal Funder of SPARK Foundation

(2nd from left) Renuka Indrarajah, Trustee of SPARK Foundation along with Mr Faizal Parish, Director of GEC; Dato’ Haji Dr. Mohd Puat B. Dahalan, Director of the Selangor State Forestry Department; Roland Bala, Managing Director, Principal Funder of SPARK Foundation

“By understanding the state of our environment and the current realities we are facing, the initiatives by SPARK Foundation and the GEC in protecting, rehabilitating and conserving the Raja Musa Forest Reserve are truly commendable. SPARK Foundation’s effort is a significant step that demonstrates their commitment in protecting our water source and reducing carbon emissions. I urge that more corporates embark on similar high-impact projects to help us build a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”

Renuka Indrarajah, Trustee of SPARK Foundation said, “We have made conscious efforts to manage our environmental performance through our river rehabilitation and alternative water supply solution programmes across the country since 2007. To that end, we have committed RM11million till 2020 to protect our water resources through a more holistic approach in improving watershed health. Enabled through strategic collaborations and high-impact projects, our projects will be beneficial for the surrounding communities and the planet in the long run. There is an urgent need for all stakeholders to step up efforts in protecting our water resources to ensure availability and accessibility of clean water, in line with the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

During the tree-planting programme, SPARK Foundation also introduced the proposed clay dyke that will be constructed in the Raja Musa Forest Reserve in the 3rd quarter of 2019. Clay dyke is an innovative method to reduce surface and subsurface water seepages that will support water retention and rehabilitation efforts.

Representatives from SPARK Foundation, GEC, and the Selangor State Forestry Department at the location of the proposed 300-meter clay dyke, which is expected to store up to 200 million litres of water annually

Representatives from SPARK Foundation, GEC, and the Selangor State Forestry Department at the location of the proposed 300-meter clay dyke, which is expected to store up to 200 million litres of water annually

Mr Faizal Parish, Director of the Global Environment Centre and the Board Member of the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) stated: “A clay dyke is one of the best methods to prevent over-drainage and degradation of peatland forest. The site for the proposed clay dyke contributes a significant amount of water for the Sungai Selangor Water Supply Scheme that provides water for more than 60% of Klang Valley users. Restoration of the peatland will help maintain the long-term water supply function and reduce the risk of water shortages in Klang Valley during extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the dyke’s natural ability to re-wet the peat reduces risk of peatland fires and enhance the conservation of biodiversity in Raja Musa.”

Faizal further emphasised, “Corporates must take more seriously the recent warning by the United Nations-linked International Resource Panel (IRP) that up to 50% of the global population will live in water-stressed areas by 2030 if current levels of water consumption and pollution growth rate continue. They must start managing their environmental performance through high-impact projects like the SPARK Foundation Water Stewardship Agenda. 2030 is only 11 years away and urgent action is needed to address and prevent these impacts.”

Also present at SPARK Foundation’s recent reforestation project were Roland Bala, Managing Director, Principal Funder of SPARK Foundation and 54 volunteers.

Strategic partnership continues between SPARK Foundation and GEC

Strategic partnership continues between SPARK Foundation and GEC

EXIM Bank’s Ramadhan Gesture of Kindness

EXIM Bank officially kicked off their Ramadhan Food Truck Project

EXIM Bank officially kicked off their Ramadhan Food Truck Project at their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today, serving out food and drinks to their staff. The food truck will next head to Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah in Kajang followed by Rohingya shelters in Selayang and Klang respectively, all by 15 May 2019.

McDonald’s Malaysia 2018 Year in Review and Future Outlook

This morning, Mcdonald’s Malaysia held their business review for 2018. The large business growth of McDonald’s Malaysia also coincides with bigger commitments and growth to their corporate social responsibility. Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia shared their CSR initiatives and figures. McDonald’s Malaysia had 10,000 community engagements held in 2018 alone. Anugerah Guru Inspiration McDonald’s, which honours teachers who have gone beyond the call of duty in nurturing their students, saw 7,500 submissions this year compared to 3,000 in 2018. Another initiative close to McDonald’s heart is the Back-to-School programme which has benefitted 23,000 urban poor primary school children since 2017. This year’s edition aims to be the biggest, aiming to reach out to 30,000 school children all over Malaysia. McDonald’s Malaysia is committed to have more restaurants equipped with green features in order to achieve its target of reducing carbon emission in each restaurant by up to 30 percent.



YTL Hotels is the hospitality arm of one of Malaysia’s most dynamic conglomerates, YTL Corporation Berhad. Gaya Island Resort (GIR), one of the luxury resorts under YTL Hotels has improved its operating results this year and continues to be one of the leading luxury resorts in Sabah. It has successfully attained its objective to be recognised for its role in the protection of natural areas and wildlife conservation, especially so given its unique location in the heart of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

To attend to the care of the surrounding environment, GIR established its own Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre (GIRMC) in 2013 which is committed to long-term, hands-on conservation and rehabilitation programmes. The GIRMC advocates three conservation pillars – Turtle Rescue Rehabilitation and Rescue, Coral Reef Restoration and Conservation through Education. The Marine Centre’s programmes were conceptualized and are being implemented by Scott Mayback, the resort’s Resident Marine Biologist.

The Marine Centre rescues, rehabilitates and releases sea turtles that they receive from the Sabah Wildlife Department, third parties and other conservation agencies. Injured or sick sea turtles will be provided with a safe environment in which to recover and where they will be treated with the assistance of the Marine Research Foundation.

Another important conservation activity within GIR is the protection of the mangroves which surround Gaya Island, resulting in the mangrove reforestation project which was initiated in September 2014 to further enrich the local habitat.

Mangrove sapling in recycled plywood boxes

Mangrove sapling in recycled plywood boxes

Nurture Young Minds With A Cinematic Experience

NNR Global Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd, a leading logistics solutions provider recently held a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event focusing on orphanage/underprivileged children. The aim to “Nurture Young Minds With A Cinematic Experience” began with the logistics of arranging a school bus to ferry 38 children from RACTAR (Subang) and Angel’s Home (OUG) to MBO Starling Mall to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, under the close supervision and care of 29 NNR employees. The CSR agenda included the children & NNR team’s exclusive use of the Kecil cinema hall, the playground within the hall itself, eating copious amounts of popcorn, an enjoyable KFC lunch and NNR Management’s angpow giving to the children as finale to the memorable CSR event.