Mah Sing Foundation Hosted Christmas Party For 60 Refugee Children and Orphans

KUALA LUMPUR – Bringing the Christmas cheers to the less fortunate, Mah Sing Foundation recently hosted a Christmas party for 60 refugee children and orphans at Jungle Gym, Atria Shopping Gallery. There were 20 children from WAJA orphanage home and 40 refugee children from the Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI). The Foundation is a charitable trust established by Mah Sing Group (Mah Sing). Further to the Christmas party, Mah Sing staff fulfilled the children’s’ Ch...

Extending Road Safety Awareness

Under the company’s theme of “One Team - Customer First”, UMW Toyota Motor puts high priority and attention to customers’ needs and demands.  Toyota’s philosophy of improving the quality of life and contributing to the society where they operate their business is (more…)

Enjoying Precious Time Together

Showing appreciation and giving back to a society from which we have gained so much is the best way to repay society.  IREKA CARES have been consistent in the past 5 years in supporting of various children homes and have Ireka’s volunteers sincerely to thank for (more…)

Recognising Asian CSR Champions

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes have become the de facto practice incorporating sustainable business strategies enabling the sharing of added value amongst the community at large. The realisation of long-term sustaining benefits for corporations as well as communities and the environment has encouraged a wider participation from the corporate sector.  Channel NewsAsia, one of Asia’s leading media corporations, in collaboration with CSR Asia and Sustainalytics has un...

Great Steps in Nation-Building

A young girl once said, no one has ever become poor by giving, and that wise child was none other than Anne Frank. Giving does not necessarily have to be in the materialistic form - meaningful giving starts from the heart. Fully committed to embracing its mission to promote the broader spread of house ownership and growth of the secondary mortgage market in Malaysia, Cagamas Berhad took up CSR to help those in need of a roof as well as to educate people. In this issue, CSR Malaysia gets in (m...