Navaneshvaran, 13 years old

My dream is to become a doctor. I am inspired by Mother Teresa by seeing how she dedicated her life and profession in India to help the poor and needy.

I hope I can also use my medical knowledge to help those underprivileged in the future. In order for me to become a doctor, I need to study hard, especially to excel in my Science subjects.


We had a visit to Zoo Negara before, and it was my first-ever trip to the Zoo. I have not seen so many animals except on National Geographic. Given the chance, I would want to work in a zoo so that I can feed and take care of the animals.


I’m good in my studies although I’m at Rita Home. Some of them are surprised when I tell them that I want to be a doctor. I want to help and treat people, which is something I look forward to in the future.


I always wanted to be an entrepreneur or a businesswoman to have a good future for myself and do my part for Rita Home. With God’s grace, I passed my SPM and I hope to further my studies to accomplish my goals.


Since I was brought up in Rita Home, I wish to be a nurse so that I can help people who need medical attention. During my free time I will provide my services to Rita Home whenever possible. When I retire, I will volunteer my expertise back to Rita Home.

Lim Zheng Sheng

Zheng Sheng, 18 years old, has a non-aligned backbone spinal health problem. Due to this, a lymphatic node has developed on his back and has difficulty sitting or sleeping because of the strain. He is in need of surgery to rectify his health condition. Zheng Sheng is an orphan who has an aunt and a younger sister. He was admitted to Rumah Charis when he was 10 years old by his aunt after the death of his parents. His 2 year-old younger sister was adopted by another home.

Mabel Chong Hoi Yee

Mabel, 6 years old, was born with hole-in-the heart.  She is now seeking consultation at Institut Jantung Negara (IJN).  In near future, there could be possibilities of pending payment for her medical expenses and surgeries.  Due to her health condition, she experienced fevers and cough frequently. Mabel was brought into Rumah Charis a year ago, along with her younger brother by her grandmother who wanted to shield them from parents who practise irresponsible lifestyles.

Samuel Lim Wei Rong

Samuel, 6 years old, was admitted into Rumah Charis children home at the age of three, together with his younger sister. His mother left them at Rumah Charis as their father had difficulty in supporting the family. Friends and neighbours encouraged Samuel’s father to send his son and daughter to a children’s home as he could not provide them with proper care.