Waste Not, Want Not

Water Watch Penang (WWP) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1997 as part of the Sustainable Penang Initiative with the support of the Socio-economic & Environmental Research Institute (SERI) of Penang. The Sustainable Penang Initiative promotes the message of sustainable development and for the government and community to work together. The ultimate objective of WWP is to create a “Water Saving Society” in the country.


To promote study, awareness, knowledge, conservation, protection and the practice of a water saving society towards the sustainable development of water resources in accordance with the aspirations of Agenda 21 of the United Nations and Malaysia’s Environmental Commitment.

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For more information, check out http://waterwatchpenang.org/ or contact 604-653 3829. You can also drop an email to nwchan1@gmail.com or info.waterwatchpenang@gmail.com. Internship opportunities are also available for those interested in experiencing an environmentally fulfilling time, developing skills in field work-based programmes and learning about water issues locally, nationally and internationally.

Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia

About EPSM

In 1974, a group of concerned individuals set up the Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM). It became the first environmental organization in Malaysia focusing on the adverse impacts of human activities on the environment.

The objectives of EPSM are:

  • To prevent the deterioration of our environment as a result of human activities;
  • To control activities that contribute towards the deterioration of our environment;
  • To initiate measures for the improvement of our environment;
  • To stimulate public concern for the state of our environment.

Reef Check Malaysia

About RCM

Reef Check was established in the USA in 1996 to raise awareness on the importance of, and threats to, coral reefs. The local chapter, Reef Check Malaysia (RCM), was registered as a non-profit organisation in 2007 to engage with the local community as well as protect, restore and revive coral reefs in Malaysia. RCM partners with a global network of trained and certified EcoDiver volunteers to conduct annual Reef Check surveys to assess the health of reefs around the islands of Malaysia. RCM also conducts education and awareness programmes, along with coral reef rehabilitation programmes. Reef Check is active in 82 countries and territories throughout the world.

The Marine Research Foundation

The Marine Research Foundation is a non-profit research foundation based in Sabah, Malaysia.  They incorporated under the Trustees Act of 1951 and established to further the understanding of marine ecosystems and their associated diverse flora and fauna through research, conservation and education activities in Southeast Asia and other Indo-Pacific sites.

Global Environment Centre

The Global Environment Centre was established in 1998 to work on environmental issues of global importance. The Centre is registered in Malaysia as a non-profit organisation (Reg. no. 473058-T) but works regionally and internationally both directly and through many partners. It supports information exchange and capacity building as well as undertakes strategic projects particularly in developing countries.

Animal Projects And Environmental Education (Ape)

APE projects are run on the basis that they can never do enough for the future of endangered animals. Therefore as long as the animals remain on the IUCN Red List, the APE team will soldier on!

They see the projects as a colossal team project spanning countries and generations. The work put in today by Ms Australian Accountant and Mr Malaysian Student will be developed and enhanced by Mr Polish Restaurant Owner and Mr UK Policeman a few months later. Even more will be carried out by Ms Brazilian Manager several years down the road… everything in the interest of improving the environment and lives of the endangered animals through communities.

Due to the scale of the projects, programmes are broken down into smaller ones and each programme is further divided into many parts. This means that every person participating in an APE programme would be contributing in more ways than one towards the advancement of the programmes!

Working hand-in-hand with partners, volunteers, participants, local communities and corporations, APE aims to continue taking small, steady incremental steps that give solid results, building upon each other to achieve the bigger aim of rehabilitation and conservation within the scope of programmes!

For any enquiry on APE’s programmes, agency and representation, or assistance before or during the programme, please do contact info@ApeMalaysia.com