Rita Home

Rita Home, situated in Taman Ria, Pekan Kapar, is among the first orphanages in Malaysia. It opened its doors in 1997 and has come a long way since then. The Home cares for children and adults with or without disabilities. It also accepts babies and toddlers and currently it houses 67 children, 8 single mothers, 35 senior citizens, 17 physically and mentally challenged residents with 20 staff to oversee day-to-day operations. (more…)

Phuah Joo Eng – Diabetes & Stroke

Name:              PwanKow@Phuah Joo Eng Gender:           Male Birthdate:        08/10/1936 Situation: Phuah had diabetes and his left foot, large intestine and gallbladder were removed in 2009. He has three children but stays alone with his wife. He had a stroke ten years ago and can only move around with the help of a wheelchair. (more…)

Chong Kim Hua – Back Tumour

Name:             Chong Kim Hua Gender:           Male Birthdate:        08/02/1952 Situation: A taxi driver by profession, Chong was diagnosed with a back tumour. After surgery, he is not able to work for some time and thus, ran into a financial crisis. His granddaughter, Cognie is diagnosed with congenital heart disease and autism. He ho...